Dilara Altınkan - Eğitim Danışmanı


Education Consultant


Dilara Altınkan, graduated from Istanbul University, School of Business. She is one of the leading master trainers of Turkey and also the founding partner of Koçluk Merkezi.


  • Quantum Practitioner, Erl & Cristy Morel
  • Quantum Activist, Erl & Cristy Morel
  • Profesional Certified Coach, Chuck Kocher
  • Master Certified Coach, Chuck Kocher
  • NLP Advanced Master Trainer, Livcon Learning Academy
  • Hipnosses Master Trainer, Livcon Learning Academy
  • Certified Coach, Livcon Learning Academy
  • Profesionel Sales Coach, Livcon Learning Academy
  • Executive Coach, Livcon Learning Academy
  • Smal Busines Coach, Livcon Learning Academy
  • Deksha Practicum Education, Oness, Birlik University
  • Silva Practicability, Ayşen Ediz
  • Speed Reading and Memory Techniques Instructor Training, Bilgivizyon
  • Breath Coaching ve Holotropic Breath Practice Training, Mustafa Kartal
  • Quantum Career, Student and Life Coaching Training, Quantum Education Consulting
  • E.F.T Practicability Training, Quantum Education Consulting


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