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Facebook is the fastest growing social network in Turkey. Facebook contains not only young people but also the businessmen that are interested in internet & technology. Publishing your ad through a social media platform helps your brand or product became popular easily, so that you can reach more people. That is the most significant advantage of social advertising.


You can reach out to your target audience easily by using Facebook. You can specify your advertisement’s target audience according to their country, city, gender, age, keywords, marital status, educational status and job title. So that, your advertising budget will be spent on an active group of people which are interested in your products or services. Increase the rate of conversion by specifying target audience for each product or service .

Certified Team

You will be working with a Google AdWords Certified Partner Company an expert team. You will get continuous help on creating an account, preparation of the keywords advertisement, account optimization, search engine optimization performance improvement.


Facebook Reklamları - Adres Gezgini


Your account will be improved in order to provide you the maximum performance. High-quality advertisements that include impressive ad text highly relevant keywords are prepared for your brand. And eventually, with the same advertising budget, you will reach higher numbers of visitors, your ads will achieve higher positions. You will specify the amount to be paid for your ads.

The amount to be paid for the ads will be specified by you, there is no minimum payment amount. For example, you can specify maximum 5 TL daily budget 0,10 TL for each visitor. We will provide the cost estimate keyword traffic information to you, so that you can make reasonable decisions about keyword selection budget maximation.



You can contact us via phone, e-mail, live chat for further information. Our customer representatives and account experts will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can contact us via phone between 8.30 a.m 6.15 p.m, via e-mail round-the-clock. 


Our team tracks all opportunities that you can benefit. You can take advantage of many services free of charge.

  • Free Google Analytics
  • Free Conversion Track
  • Mobile Device Ads
  • Google Maps/Earth/My Business
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Solutions


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