BOTCHAT.APP is an artificial intelligence agent that can respond instantly to your customers' questions 24/7. It can solve almost all customer queries, thus saving time and resources and bring more business. It can answer customers' questions, counter their objections, and get them to buy. It can provide 10 times or more return on ad spend.


CALLTECH.APP is an artificial intelligence system that analyzes the efficiency of phone calls in call centers for you. Commonly used call center software allows you to store and list phone call records and simple statistics such as date and duration of these calls. However, by integrating with the call center you use, can analyze the outgoing calls in real time and automatically detect whether the calls are in accordance with the norms you set.


It is a project to automate digital marketing data by using smart decision algorithms and machine learning technologies and to develop autonomous (self-managed systems). With the algorithms for which AdresGezgini has filed a patent application, millions of data are processed in the background, thereby optimizing efficiency and cost. The project was supported by Tübitak TEYDEB and successfully completed.



Developed using different mathematical models, the mobile tracking system is a personnel tracking system that can distribute the tasks of the personnel working in the field instantly and automatically according to the workload and traffic information with an intelligent algorithm. The prototype is being developed for a DIY store chain with hundreds of stores operating on a national scale throughout Turkey. The project is supported by Tübitak TEYDEB. In the project, a cooperation protocol was signed with the İzmir Institute of Technology Electrical-Electronics Engineering department.


It is a web-based project tracking and reporting software that offers solutions for all businesses that carry out projects and have a project team, especially R&D and Design centers. The software will serve globally with multi-language options. The project is being developed within the scope of Tübitak-TEYDEB 1501.



It is the stage of developing an application that enables companies that individually work on digital advertising to measure and improve their advertising account performance, to report situations that will increase advertising efficiency and reduce advertising costs, and to offer suggestions that will increase performance by using patented automation algorithms in ASG 1.0 and ASG 2.0 projects. It is planned to serve as a web-based interface and application plug-in. The project is supported by Tübitak TEYDEB.


It is a performance evaluation system that has been developed to systematically measure and evaluate an employee's contributions to the organization, his success, his attitudes and behaviors at work, with predetermined standards. With this system, it is possible to perform processes such as bonuses, awards, training needs, determination of the talents of the employee or promotion in the workplace, and assigning individuals appropriate jobs according to their competencies.



The keyword editing and prediction tool will automatically detect and correct mistakes made in keyword matching and bid selections. In addition, search volumes and click costs will be estimated using predictive and stochastic data processing techniques, historical data and periodicity curves. It is anticipated that this module of the project will offer optimizations that can reduce the advertising costs of businesses up to 5 times.

AdresGezgini Blog App

AdresGezgini Blog App, aims to share tips, suggestions and technological trends about digital marketing to the businesses. You can download  for free from the App Store and Google Play.


AG Mobile Panel

With AG Mobile panel, which allows Google Ads advertisers instantly access statistics, stop and start ads, and buy budgets instantly.

Themis Law Office Management

Our software, which greatly alleviates the burden of lawyers by carrying litigation files in law offices, is a bridge to sharing information between lawyers and clients.


Izmir Transportation Guide

You can easily download Izmir Transportation Guide for free from the App Store and Google Play and you can see all the buses, ferryboats, metro and Izban services and stops in Izmir at any time with the application. If you want, you can write the name of the bus or bus line number in the search area and get the time of departure. There is also a paid IOS version of the Izmir Transportation Guide, which features the offline function.

KIA Project

The software prepared for the KIA Global CI / SI Project is designed to reflect the KIA corporate identity at KIA Motor Company's worldwide dealerships. This software used for the process of ordering, production, shipment and installation of custom designed products.


Izmir Advisor

Izmir Advisor is a meticulously prepared Izmir guide. You can see the addresses, phone numbers and locations of about 200 top hotels, shopping malls, historic sites, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Emergency telephones and necessary departments such as hospitals are also included in the application. Izmir Advisor application is prepared in English.

Opel Project

The software is helping to keep track of the progress of Adam Opel AG throughout the process of eliminating damage and defects that may arise during the transmission of specially designed interior products to franchisees around the world.


Kupon Gezgini

KuponGezgini is a web application that has been running for a long time, bringing you the most exclusive options from many discount sites. KuponGezgini do not send e-mails and no need to membership. All deals are categorised for you. KuponGezgini app is available for iOS and Android.

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