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Best Dog Club Success Story

Up to 70% Customer Increase with Google Ads ads from 2008 to Present

Best Dog Club is a dog farm located on the Şile road, away from the busy and tiring atmosphere of Istanbul. It was founded by Architect Gamze Göksoy in 2006 to provide professional dog care and training services. Realizing that she could not live peacefully in Istanbul with her own dogs, Göksoy moved to Sırapınar village near Şile in 2006. Realizing the low number of quality and reliable dog hostels where dog owners living in and around Istanbul can leave their dogs with peace of mind, Göksoy started to arrange the empty land opposite her house to establish a farm that would make both her own dogs and other dogs happy. The process of improving the land and establishing the farm took about a year. Stating that she had three or four customers when they started, Gamze Göksoy's aim was to spend more time with dogs and increase their customer portfolio in the short term.

Business Approach

After establishing Best Dog Club, Göksoy had a website prepared to reach more dog owners by making use of internet technology. She advertised in newspapers and magazines operating in the field of desktop advertising. She received a positive response from these ads. But with Google Ads, which she met by chance, she experienced that she could reach the target audience faster, easier and at low cost. Gamze Göksoy met with AdresGezgini, which is a SEM agency, in July 2008. With AdresGezgini, the expectation from Google Ads was to provide a good return in the short term and to reach Istanbul and its surroundings quickly.

AdresGezgini has activated the Best Dog Club website with a new design in order to provide better recycling and to make ads more efficient.

Recycle tracking codes were placed in the appropriate sections of the site, and it was aimed to make Google Ads more effective by enabling performance tracking. Keywords were carefully selected for the service. With Google Analytics, it was ensured that the site performance was constantly monitored. Not only text ads for the Google Search Network, but also regionally targeted content network visual ads were created on relevant websites about dog care and training. In this way, the number of customers increased by up to 70% in one and a half year. The company owner was given basic training on the Ads management panel. All information and statistics were shared transparently. In this way, the company had the opportunity to test the returns it received from its advertisements.


According to Gamze Göksoy, owner and manager of Best Dog Club, the locality and high response rate of Google Ads has been a turning point for Best Dog Club. Göksoy states that she maximized her online performance by using SEM and Google Analytics, that she is very pleased to work with Google Ads and that he will continue to advertise without interruption.

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