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Şehzade Fayton Success Story

Şehzade Fayton's success achieved with internet advertising agency AdresGezgini.

Şehzade Fayton was founded in 1928 by İsmail Güneş in a small workshop in the Akhisar district of Manisa. The Güneş family, which has been producing phaetons, horse-drawn carriages, miniature phaetons and harnesses in models such as Kupa, Victoria and Brik by shaping wood and iron for three generations from father to son for nearly a century, never gave up on producing phaetons even though they had difficult times with the advancement of technology and the widespread use of automobiles. 

As the years passed, the last phaeton driver Bülent Güneş, who thought that the phaeton, like many other types of craft, was taking its last breath and then produced the first ornamental phaeton in 1991, proved in a short time that phaetons still attract attention, unlike horse-drawn carriages that could not survive in the face of motor vehicles. Bülent Güneş, who has received orders from many municipalities and hotels in touristic towns since the 1990s, opened a website with the suggestion from Eskişehir Mayor Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen. Bülent Güneş, whose aim is to introduce his products to the target audience quickly, started his research to work with a company specialized in Google ads. Having met AdresGezgini in 2009, Güneş launched its first online advertising campaign.

Business Approach

As a result of the first advertising campaigns, Şehzade Fayton, who achieved a noticeable increase in the number of customers, placed the recycling tracking code in the appropriate sections of the existing website in order to obtain more efficiency from the advertising efforts and to measure it. Our team's goal was to make Google Ads ads more effective by enabling performance tracking. Şehzade Fayton's keywords have been carefully chosen for the sector. All information and statistics about the company's Google ads were transparently shared with the company's owner Bülent Güneş to test the returns from the ads. In this way, the number of customers increased by up to 80% in a period of almost two years.

Şehzade Fayton, which produced phaetons and horse-drawn carriages with limited facilities at the beginning, expanded its service network by purchasing new elements and equipment after the increase in the number of customers and started to produce Victorian-style phaetons. The company, which has increased its customers over time and has expanded its service network to abroad in parallel, gives a large share to Ads in its success.

Güneş: "In the past, technology had not advanced this much. We were marketing our works through references. People were going to big names. With the development of technology -especially the widespread use of the internet - the world shrank. For us, the internet became a gateway to the world market. We started to receive orders from all over the world. In fact, we could not keep up with most of the demands. We exported to many countries in the world such as Greece, the Netherlands, England, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Switzerland. All of these were realized thanks to internet advertisements." says.


Having started to serve the whole world after using Ads, Şehzade Fayton's earnings increased by 80%. According to Manager Bülent Güneş, the high return rate of Google Ads was a turning point for Şehzade Fayton. Güneş states that she maximizes her online performance by using search engine advertising, that she is very satisfied with AdresGezgini and Google Ads works and that she will continue to advertise without interruption.

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