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Elkima Trafo

Elkima Trafo Success Story

Elkima Trafo is an engineering company located in İzmir Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone, producing with its own resources machinery and equipment.

Established in 1973 by Fahrettin Selçik as a sole proprietorship in Bursa, Elkima Trafo became a limited liability company in 1991 and acquired a corporate identity with its growth success in a short time. The company, which has TSE Compliance and Service Competence Certificate and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certificate, has been continuing its industrial and commercial activities in its factory with a closed area of 4440 m2 in İzmir Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone since 2000. Serving in all areas where energy is needed, Elkima started to use Google Ads actively in 2007 in order to benefit from both domestic and international advertising opportunities of Google Ads, which can instantly reach internet users looking for service in its field.

Business Approach

Elkima, which has done advertising work with many magazines that publish on a sectoral basis, has started to look for alternative advertising ways as a result of the high costs of these ads and the low return of the ads given and the lack of continuity. Following internet technology closely, Elkima preferred Google Ads advertising with AdresGezgini, which they met in 2007, in order to expand its domestic sales network and become a sought-after brand abroad.

AdresGezgini conducted a series of studies with Dilek Uysal from Elkima Trafo Foreign Trade Department in order to provide a better return for Elkima Trafo and to make Google Ads more efficient. These studies included website reorganization and website optimization. Recycling tracking codes are placed in the appropriate sections of the site, keywords suitable for the sector in which the company is located, and advertisements are activated. Considering that Elkima Trafo provides services both in the country and abroad, advertisement works were carried out in English and Turkish. In addition, mobile service was provided. Thus, Elkima, which also provides oil maintenance services to transformers, was able to reach the target audience instantly by using the regional advertising feature of Google Ads.

Dilek Uysal explains the reason why they prefer AdresGezgini when using Google Ads advertising as follows: "The service offered by AdresGezgini, which is a SEM agency, can be reported in detail, the reachability of the relevant target audiences and countries can be observed, and the keywords are easy to understand, allowing us to add or change them. Features such as having a customer panel with an interface are the most important factors for us to choose AdresGezgini agency."


Following the developments in internet technology closely, Elkima has been using Google Ads since 2007. Dilek Uysal states that every kind of development, whether it is a product purchase or a request for information, as a result of clicks, provides them with many financial and moral gains. For this reason, she stated that they will continue to benefit from AdresGezgini and Google Ads services, which increases their reach to the target audience and buyers in many countries around the world.

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